• Over the years as an EFL teacher, I realized that both students and teachers very often need to take a more eclectic approach to learning material – and so instead of using books, with confusing layouts – I made my own. With clearer focused class handouts the support material fast turned into the main stay of my teaching approach. The material has built up over the years, in addition to several books that I wrote and published, and is now becoming available on-line. smartreadyenglish.com, with very much the EFL teacher in mind, but also individual students, has been designed to make all this material more readily available. Here, the teacher can pick up tried and tested material with clear layout design and objectives, on a range of subjects across a range of levels without the rigidity that turns teachers into robots; while students can test their skills in on-line quizzes and listening materials, or even suggest their teacher use the available material. The aim, here, is to provide the ready-to-go support that teachers and students need, and build a firm foundation for sharing experience. smartreadyenglish.com, with an archive base of the more enduring subject matters of printable and distributable class material, further aims to update class material on up-to-date matters, so as to keep that cutting edge approach to the News and Matters of today’s world. I hope smartreadyenglish.com will provide you with more clarity, support, resource and profitable teaching and learning.

    Chris Tunwell